n. archaic = LATVIAN n.
Etymology: G Lette f. Lettish Latvi

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\\ˈlet, usu -ed.+V\ noun (-s)
Usage: usually capitalized
Etymology: German Lette, from Latvian Latvi
a. : a people closely related to the Lithuanians and mainly inhabiting Latvia
b. : a member of such people
2. : latvian 2

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/let/, n.
1. a member of a people, the chief inhabitants of Latvia, living on or near the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea; Latvian.
2. Latvian (def. 3).

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Lett /let/
1. A member of a people inhabiting Lettˈland (now Latvia)
2. A native or citizen of Latvia
ORIGIN: Ger Lette, from Lettish latvis (now latvietis)
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Lettˈic adjective
Of the group (also called Baltic) of languages to which Lettish belongs, including Lithuanian and Old Prussian
Lettˈish adjective noun
The language of Letts

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Lett «leht», noun.
1. a member of a group of people living in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Germany, related to the Lithuanians.
2. their language; Lettish.

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obs. form of late a.1, leat, let.

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